1. Select language
2. Select WIFI or choose SKIP if you have network cable (network cable = best)
3. If you select cable, choose Aut DHCP, and after receiving an IP adress, press OK
4. Select Timezone and press OK
5. Select date format, complete OK
5. Start upgrading the box, press OK once
5. Reboot
8. Optional: Go to Market, Apps and install Audio Optimizer, Restart the box
9. Press OK twice to start My Tv Online 2
10 Add new Portal
11. Write down the ID address that appears in the box, it always starts with 00: 1A: 79 on Formuler box.
(This ID address is also on the box itself, you need this ID when ordering)
12. Portal name = NXT
13. Portal URL = you will get this from your BeerIPTV
14. Press TAB twice and then back on the remote and then OK
15. Start My TV Online2 on your box and select Country and channel

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